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Signatures for Combat Arms EU Servers

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1 michaelballinger i would really like to play this game so hurry up plz
2 stemottram YEH COMBAT ARMS IS AWESOME but i was so disspaponted when there was NOT ONE sighn to say i would be wasteing my time with downloading it! i downloaded it n found i couldnt play it
3 AlexVitca Looking forward to the global launching!
4 janpetrovicki ME WANT PLAY COMBAT ARMS NOW!!!
5 KovacsBela I hope this works I really want to play this game...
6 DavidSimpson  
7 ilyanovickij no comments just want it to be in europe
8 danijeljovic  
9 RolandVitéz  
10 mitjakovacic i can not play combat arms.when i want to log in it wrigts lost conection to server.if yo hew a answer to this problem plieas tell mi.
11 PedroMatias go and do european servers,everyone want play and can´t its bad for all u want to play!!
12 KeianBarton I think this sucls that we cannot play combat arms in Europe. ITS THE ONLY GAME IVE EVER PLAYED IN WHICH YOU CANT!!!!! Oh yeah, just incase you didnt know, Europe is a massive part of the world.
13 LeonMerc we want eu servers -.-
14 SophieFeliers Make it so EU people can play on US servers agreed.
15 NeilWalker I download this game thinking yer this looks good ill give it a try i download it to be disapointed that i cant play it, then i find out its for every outher area apart from bludy eurpe *SIGH, this sucks man!
16 SzymonNowak I am from Poland and i want play! EVERYBODY WANTS TO!
17 JINDark  
18 adamferris look europe is such a huge continent and the richest we r stupid people who will spend stuff on the site this would be a good way to invest nexon so please make a europe server dont do it for me do it for my money^_^
19 joostwildeman i want to play!
20 DanielJulio I hope this give us the best.
21 MatthewGadd In the long run Nexon and any other companys following this discrimination lose out on money and respect, especially for such an amazing game.
22 pispoep Combat arms for europe and beyond !
23 SariTibor Lets see if this helps... Hope so.
24 ag none
25 kirstenbanham  
26 alexanderlangmans i wanna play !
27 Tor ErikWeisten Not too much comments really, just couldn't you please make EUROPE avaiable ?
28 meirzakai WE WANNA PLAY!
29 jameschannon GIVE US EU SERVERS
30 vadimxaxam I would like to play, signing in.
31 jensh I want to play !! fuckin americans.
32 MatthijsBrummer  
33 FredrikEliasson  
34 MartinPhilo PLZPLZPLZ Do It Guys!!!
35 SkippyleSkip Come on EU wants to play
36 lucaskees lollige hoor
37 MatthewMills Just give us the game, dont tempt us with it Nexon.
38 juliencombeau  
39 MaekailBawkher no europe servers? they're missing a big market
40 eimantas;) plz create EUROPE server
41 lamokaslietuvis PLZ, I wanna play CA ;?
42 waynedearden just a joke not to let us know before downloading it
43 PhilKing I wish you had made it clear from the start that EU citizens could not play your game as I am now very very disappointed!
44 nickfedrigo i wanna play ca
45 KristofMoernaut Give us a EU server dammit >.
47 ciaranshiels It didnt even give you the slightest hint it wouldnt work :(
48 Elmervan Rooijen pls let the Eu in
49 tiagosousa i wanna play CA
50 graemepepper  
51 nickessay Lets us play Combat Arms!
52 Nigelvan Rijn me and my friends really want to play this game.
53 BasGoeree This just sucks, downloaded it, wanna play it with some american friends and find out i CANT stupid... stupid... stupid
54 AndrewWalker  
55 colinmcewan come on nexon dont hold out on us europeans we wanna play too, why is all the good stuff reserved for rednecks who dont know their asshole from their elbows
56 waynephilips Dudes, get those servers. And put it on the fucking page that we don't waste time downloading it... -.- ffs
57 RusPol I wanna play in Europe this game!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
58 GergőNeubauer I am an European player. I want to fight with my friends for my country and for our fallen soldiers!
59 camlindsay ...
60 DavidWilliamsson I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME BUT I CANT, c'mon get us the server already, i live in sweden and it doesnt work
61 deejayinnes Make it for the rest of us in europe
62 burakblabla we want europe server and wanna play this game!!
63 DaveHansen Agree 100% Why in the world should not Europeans be able to play??
64 Doki4ever We want combat arms IN EUROPE!!!!!
65 BenjaminCare Q:Why am I interested in this movement and why do I support it? A: With the same reason as others, to play this game and enjoy it. In my opinion, more people are brought to the game. With popularity game could gain more money.
67 rensvanhelden We want to play !
68 RazvanCacanar We are many who wants CA in EU, but they don t know about the site please tell a friend.
69 adiadi europeeeeeeeeee
70 DanteBizkit :)
71 jakecoe Ye i wanna play. So hurry and get this server running!
72 FabrizioLattanzio  
73 JoeMorris Make EU Servers! :D
74 ayberkakbaba Eu players are pro do you wanna play lol fat americans open eu server
75 MichaelSmith Id love to play this game in EU, and so would alot of people i Know, and im sure all these people who have signed the petition wont abuse these servers and will appreciate Eu servers
76 HubaVarga I want to play Combat Arms now! So pls make servers 4 the EU fans too!
77 AaronStorey Bring on the servers!
78 anousoneV. LET US PLAY !
79 ramzandisjnijev Come on nexon! we want to play!
80 DreamReal ..
81 SmokerSky Let us play this game !
82 HediSi Merabet  
83 albertnils WE WANNA PLAY! plz
85 KevinLefebvre I want this game too, i'm the leader of the most biggest france team in WarRock, and i would like to launch my team on this game too.
86 JoeA-O I just wanna play the game :'(
87 NickJohnson I find it very stupid and foolish of NEXON to discreatley BAN all European players from playing the well renouned "Combat Arms". I find it a load of bullshit that you have rudley disabled play from the Euro's. They are no different from us. Let them Play!
88 IstvanNemeth Hungarians will play Combat Arms, so please give us EU servers!
89 MitaRakusa I wana play!
90 redc i just want to play it !
91 EnricoJaze Combat arms for all !
92 rihouetbenjamin COmbat Arms in EU !!!!
93 hugospn This petition is that Nexon can make servers for all of us European fans!
94 AnthonyWall Saw the game, looked great! Downloaded it and now I Can't it play because I'm European!? Stupid move by Nexon! They should open EU servers ASAP!
95 DavidBruce Getting jeaolous of all the NA guys getting real good and saying how great it is. I wanna own them at it. Show them whos boss
96 FlochJerome FRANCAIS en force pour un serveur EU pour combat arms !!
97 CeramicCool man i want to play this game now..
98 DannyHamp Get EU servers for Combat arms.
99 BramMeskens I really would like to play this game. It looks so cool. Nexon wouldn't do any bad by letting EU people in, they pay Nexon Cash too!
100 MathiasVergauwen Make it also available for Europe!